The Ethigirl Brand

Ethigirl isn't a person, it's a lifestyle and someone everybody can identify with. I'm Ethigirl, but so are you.

Ethigirl is the kind of person who raises her voice when she sees injustice, who isn't afraid to make things uncomfortable if it means she will help create change by doing so. But she also smiles at people on the street, pets dogs, gives out compliments like they're nothing but means everything by them.

Not that kind of girl? She's every kind of girl. She's every kind of person. She is anonymous but also fearlessly bold.

Ethigirl is the person who believes small things make a difference if you do them enough. She knows that one reusable water bottle that gets used for a year replaces innumerable single-use ones. She knows that one high-quality secondhand top replaces five fast fashion ones. She invests in herself and in the world in any way she can.

If she doesn't know something, she learns about it. She's not ignorant about social justice, about politics, about the environment, about any injustices that cross her desk. She studies hard, she works harder, and she is a relentlessly kind badass. She engages in conversations, she isn't afraid to educate others, and most of all, she isn't afraid to educate herself.

But Ethigirl knows when it all gets to be too much and she tries to take breaks. Fighting for a better future gets exhausting, and she recognizes that there is nothing wrong with resting. She tries to be a self-care goddess whenever possible.

Ethigirl is so incredibly stylish - both in what she wears and who she is. Buying beautiful clothes does not make her beautiful, it's how she wears them. Saying beautiful words does not make her beautiful, it's how she says them. How she really, truly means them. How she cares for others - she cares so, so much - and works as hard as she can to show the world that she will not be silent. Because Ethigirl isn't just one person. Because she’s not a person, she’s a lifestyle. She’s someone everybody should identify with.

I believe in you and I believe you are Ethigirl. Go and show the world what you've got.